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Seasonal Care Tips For Artificial Grass

Seasonal care for artificial grass

Forget love, spring is in the air and that means it’s time to start thinking about your lawn and landscaping. Yes, even if you have artificial grass.

In fact, while we’re on the subject, it’s not just spring when you should be offering up some TLC for your turf grass. Let us guide you through some of the upkeep that goes into keeping your perfect green lawn remaining looking its very best.

In the springtime, everything loves to bloom, especially weeds. While resistant to them, make no mistake that artificial grass isn’t completely immune to weeds. Use a non-toxic weedicide and reduce the likelihood of having pesky, unwanted, and invasive weeds crop up.

  • This time of year is also the perfect time for landscaping upgrades and planting. That of course also means dirt, rocks, and other organic debris will end up on your turf. It’s like having crumbs on a table; they may not cause any damage but should still be cleaned up. It’s as simple as hosing or brushing it away.
  • Summertime means more use and that requires more frequent cleaning. It also means more pet use, including waste. Use a simple vinegar solution to clean your yard from this type of mess. It not only looks and smells better, it removes any lingering bacteria or organisms.
  • Fall, the obvious task is keeping it free from leaves. A top layer of leaves not only looks shoddy, it can create a blanket that traps moisture underneath making the ideal conditions for problems like mold to develop. You can’t kill turf grass but you can still ruin it.

Unlike other parts of the country, we don’t have to worry about winter weather affecting the lawn. However, this is still an ideal time to give the yard another cleaning or two.

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